Initially it began as a graded assignment which demanded  researching, critical thinking and analysis, inclusion of personal thoughts and comments along with real life references and experience sharing . Basically…a lot hard work! However, with two blogs forever etched as my own digital footprints, I have an inner desire to write more.

This blog is where I construct, deconstruct and reconstruct. Very happily, I can say that it’s my imagined space for some creative destruction.

I love drawing symbolism through the usage of images. Keep an eye on the images my blog posts entail, I promise to not disappoint. Since I dedicate a lot time on choosing the suitable images, maybe even longer than the actual blog content itself!

If I had to find a representative image of the nature of my blog, it would be the ‘Ensō’. It has the ‘larger than life’ vibe to it. (You feeling me?)


I am a 22 years old student trying to make sense of  our crazy world, my parents (why they do what they do kind of things) and my life in general.

Let’s begin the  journey to understand what lies inward, outward and at myriad intersections!


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